Southern Comfort Fitteds Custom Prepster Cloth Diaper for Project Pomona

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Super Cute Coordinating "Little Prepster" Hybrid Cloth Diaper.  Custom made by the very awesome, Southern Comfort Fitteds for Project Pomona. Limited Edition

This hand-crafted cloth diaper is one-size made to fit most babies from 11-30 pounds. It is made with a hidden layer of polyester fleece in an effort to keep the outside feeling dryer, longer. This diaper can be worn up to 4 hours without a cover, but requires a cover to be completely waterproof overnight. And they work fabulous as an over night diaper!


  • Fold down snaps provides additional rise settings
  • Hidden Front snaps so not to bother baby
  • The Outer Print: Pima Cotton Knit
  • The Touching Inner: Cotton Velour
  • Addtional inserts (three total layers of inserts in addition to the actual diaper cover)

Size 1

-Fits right after the 'Just Born' diaper. 
-Starting at about 11 pounds using fold down rise (FDR) to about 30 pounds depending on the baby. 
-Narrower wings. 12 belly panel snaps.
Shorter rise than size 2. 

Size 2

-Fits from about 15 pounds to about 40 pounds into the toddler years. 
-FDR is automatically installed. 
-Slightly wider wings. 14 belly panel snaps. Longer soaker system and higher rise. 


Care Instructions:

Before using your Southern Comfort Fitteds™ for the first time, only one wash is necessary. Diaper will reach full absorbency after about 5 washes. Use the following wash routine for best results after each use:

  • Store in a dry pail and safe to wash with all other types of diapers
  • Cold Rinse
  • Hot wash with cloth diaper safe detergent
  • Cold rinse
  • Machine dry on high or line dry