Summer Closing Dates

Summer is almost upon us!  Yay!  This also means that there will be a few weeks that Project Pomona will be closed due to the regular demads of Summertime.


Please note that Project Pomona will be closed:

The last week of May

The last two weeks of June


Many, many thanks!

Project Pomona


  • Tina

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  • Elaine Simms

    May 27, 2013 My daughter just emailed me a picture of my granddaughter wearing her new Pomona Jeans. She is 6 mos old, over 19 lbs and tall (upper 90th percentile for height & weight) & wears cloth diapers. The Pomona size 2 fit great. My daughter says she LOVES these jeans and that baby will be wearing them for a long time (lots of room to grow!). It would be very hard to buy any other kind of pant once you find Pomona’s.

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