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  • Big July Giveaway

     $10 Tuesdays Are Back!

    Well...sorta, but only better! 

    You're busy, Pomona is busy and there are a 'million' giveaways to enter each week.  

    So, let's streamline!  

    Introducing the easiest and coolest giveaway yet:  

    Enter once each month for your chance to win 1 of 4 prizes of $10 in Pomona Cash.  
    Yep!  At the end of each month, not 1 but winners will be chosen!  

    Tell your friends, pass it on...Pomonas ROCK and the world needs to know!!!

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    • Katie Johnson says...

      I love your Spring Garden and Little Wren pants!

      On July 09, 2012

    • Lily Ivey says...

      Love Little Wren.

      On July 29, 2012

    • Katie C says...

      These are my favorite jeans for my daughter!

      On July 25, 2012

    • Ryan says...

      Eco rockstar

      On July 22, 2012

    • Michelle Lynn says...

      I like Little Wren & the organics in Kumquat :-)

      On July 22, 2012

    • Laura M says...

      I love my stock-your-own-fabric pants but also love those new Little Wrens!

      On July 21, 2012

    • jen gardner says...

      LOVE tree frog jeans with the wood cuffs. too cute!

      On July 19, 2012

    • Liana W. says...

      I really love Eco Rockstar, but the bugs is adorable, too! And I love the lizard/gecko one! So many adorable choices!

      On July 19, 2012

    • Sarah S. says...

      Love that little scooter graphic. The kumquat color is my fav. :)

      On July 19, 2012

    • Katie says...

      I love the lizards! Of course the dogs are adorable too. Who can decide!?!?

      On July 17, 2012

    • Amanda Blackburn says...

      I love the jeans with the kumquat cuff! I can’t wait to buy a pair when the weather cools off and he needs to wear clothes again :-)

      On July 13, 2012

    • Laura says...

      I might need to get my little man some tree frogs. I love them!

      On July 12, 2012

    • Brittany says...

      I’m in love with the Little Wren pants. I just pinned them and I’m not sure I can even wait until this giveaway is over to have them haha.

      On July 10, 2012

    • Katie Johnson says...

      I love your Spring Garden and Little Wren pants!

      On July 09, 2012

    • Krystal says...

      I love the little lizard jeans!

      On July 07, 2012

    • Charlotte R says...

      I love the Jeans: Fetch style best!

      On July 07, 2012

    • Amy S says...

      I like Fetch.

      On July 07, 2012

    • Jennifer Perritte says...

      I love the little wren!

      On July 07, 2012

    • Jill M says...

      I love the new Eco Rockstar, but for our first pair, I’m thinking we’d have to get the bugs. So flippin adorable.

      On July 05, 2012

    • Lauren says...

      I bought my daughter a pair of jeans and shorts and they are our Favorites!!! Everyone asks me where I go them. I can’t wait to buy more!

      On July 03, 2012

    • Kaci says...

      Gotta be the new Eco Rockstar in Teal…or Fetch! How can I decide?!

      On July 03, 2012

    • Kali Hinkle says...

      I love Fetch! I have them in size 1, and will be buying them again in size 2. Who can resist that beautiful puppy?

      On July 03, 2012

    • Darien says...

      I have to agree with everyone, I love that new ecorockstar design!

      On July 03, 2012

    • sarah heart says...

      I really like the kumquat :D

      On July 03, 2012

    • Amanda Smith says...

      Eco Rockstar!

      On July 02, 2012

    • Amanda Alvarado says...

      I am in love with the new eco-rockstar design! I’d love a pair in every color but the teal is my favorite!

      On July 02, 2012

    • Tracy says...

      I’m so excited about the new eco-rockstar design! We just ordered two new pairs of jeans from you but, like Cassandra, I’ll have to get that one when we move up a size!! : )

      On July 02, 2012

    • Cassandra Watson says...

      I love the new eco-rockstar. I may have to get that style when we move up a size soon.

      On July 02, 2012

    • Polly Valenzuela says...

      i love the new eco-rockstar!! but also the kumquat since i have that color!!

      On July 02, 2012

    • amy says...

      I like little wren.

      On July 02, 2012

    • Sabrina Radke says...

      I love the new eco rockstar in kumquat!

      On July 02, 2012

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